Indoor wireless siren ES-S6A

    3700649102468 ES-S6A / PT-TG-0028

    € 24.90 tax incl.

    € 20.58 tax excl.

    For a more efficient system in case of intrusion, this 85dB siren comes with a strobe light. The message will be loud and clear for potential intruders. The siren can also be used as a standalone alarm system compatible with our accessories: perfect for the garage or the cabin at the back of your garden.

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The outdoor siren ES-S6A is completely compatible with eTIGER Secual security systems. It’s a perfect accessory if you wish to create a second alarm signal in your home when the alarm is triggered.

Build a basic and efficient alarm system simply by connecting the ES-S6A to aneTIGER remote control and at least one sensor (door-window contactmotion sensor, etc.)

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