Multi-Zone Weather Station

    4891475225526 RAR502 / PT-OR-065

    € 79.99 tax incl.

    € 66.11 tax excl.

    Multi-Zone Weather Station: A complete weather station that includes 3 Temperature and Humidity sensors - 1 THGR122N and 2 THGN132N.

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Keep your family comfy indoors and out with this sleek device that monitors temperature and humidity in up to four locations around your house. The living room, the baby’s room, the garden - put a remote sensor anywhere!

With easy-to-read weather icons on a large LCD display to indicate the forecasted weather up to a day in advance, including mold alerts, you can always get prepared for the weather

  • Multizone weather station with large LCD display to view all readings from sensors in 4 different locations at a glance
  • Weather forecast up to a day in advance using 5 easy-to-read icons – Sunny, Partly, Cloudy, Rainy & Snowy
  • Mold alert
  • Button-free design updates weather data automatically
  • Customizable tabs for the main display allow users to identify readings by sensor location, e.g. Living Room, Bedroom, Cellar
  • Up to 30 metres wireless transmission range
  • Includes 3 splash-proof thermo-hygro sensors for indoor and outdoor use, 2 of which feature LCD display
Weather Forecast Yes
Indoor Temperature YES
Outdoor Temperature Yes
Indoor Humidity Yes
Outdoor Humidity Yes
Batteries included Yes
LED Backlight Yes

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