Ssmart Family Fit Weight Scale

    4891475755092 BW121 / PT-OR-042

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    The Ssmart Familyfit Scale features Bluetooth® Smart technology to send your measurements wirelessly to the app on your smartphone or tablet, that calculates BMI, a more accurate assessment of health than weight alone.

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It measures weight and charts changes for users of different ages, allowing each user to set individual weight management goals. Now you can always stay on top of your weight and take control to live a healthier lifestyle!

Set your goals, make a plan and see results! Combine the app’s graphs with a health programme to work step-by-step towards transforming your lifestyle and reaching your target weight!

Synchronize data with the corresponding app on your smart device through Bluetooth® Smart! You can store the data on your smart device for your weight management plan.


Smart fitness for everyone

Your weight, BMI, toddler’s growth and development, pregnancy weight gain and more are all tracked with this smart scale/app combo that makes fitness easy for everyone!

Turn raw data into useful analysis! See the full picture of your weight maintenance through comprehensive graphs and charts like an expert, all at a glimpse!

The scale turns on with a step and off automatically in a bend-free design that’s easy on backs and batteries alike, while the app makes viewing results easy via your smart device screen.

dimensions: 320 x 320 x 20 mm

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