S4-CV wireless security system with Video/GSM and landline connection

    3700649102130 S4-CV / PT-TG-0020

    € 299.00 tax incl.

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    Protecting your home when you’re away has never been this easy with wireless alarm system. Stay in contact with your home at all time: the whole alarm system can be controlled from distance on your phone, wherever you are. (version with IP HD camera)

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Up to 50 sensors can be added to your system without having to pull one single cable: motion detector, door contact, additional siren, smoke detector, keypad. Anything you need to strengthen the protection of your home.

Set up your alarm system and your accessories in a few seconds thanks to the menu displayed on the LCD screen. You can control the system at all times from any phone to arm or disarm the system, be informed in case of alarm or listen to what is happening at home.


The time when protecting your home was a complicated and expensive process is now history. All the sensors of the system are connected through radio frequency and powered by batteries: no need to pull any wire to connect all the sensors to the whole system.


The system sends you an SMS every time the RFID tags are badged to your system. Each RFID tag can be renamed so that you can be sure your kids arrived home safely after school.


The S4 Combo Secual can be either plugged to your telephone landline or work with a SIM card (on the GSM network). You can also use both options to always have a back up in case of mobile network or landline failure.

Control and set up your alarm system from your smartphone with the iOS and Android apps. Arm it, disarm it, and set it up on your mobile phone, anywhere you are, even with no data.


The S4 Combo Secual can be installed in just a few minutes. The accessories are connected by radio-frequency so you do not need to pull any cable to install them. Screws or double side tape: that is all you need to mount them on your walls.

Camera system allows you to see and monitor online your home. It also allows you to connect the camera to cloud.


With its Lithium-ion backup batteries, the S4 Combo Secual can run up to 8 hours in standby mode, even when the electricity grid is down. Your house is safe, even in case of power failure.

The S4 Combo Secual requires no subscription to any maintenance or surveillance contract. You pay once, that’s it.

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