Stylish table clock - white

    4891475757089 RM938-WH / PT-OR-032

    € 24.99 tax incl.

    € 20.65 tax excl.

    A great value alarm clock with a simple and handy design, this radio-controlled (atomic) clock is both easy to read and operate.

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The time is radio controlled which is precise to the second and adjusts automatically to and from British Summertime, meaning you will never have to set the time again. The clock can also be adjusted to automatically pick up the either the European and US radio controlled signal making it perfect for the international traveller.

The large LCD screen displays the current time, day and date. And with a simple tap to the top snooze button to active to activate the black light it makes for easy viewing even at night.

A dual alarm function allows you to set two alarms time on a single clock, one for you and one for your partner, and with a 8-minute snooze function and snooze touch technology you decide whether it’s time to get up or perhaps have a little snooze.

Allarm Yes
Batteries included Yes
Adaptor included Yes
Radio controlled Time Yes
LED Backlight Yes

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