Multifunctional charging station with OTG and USB HUB

    8588006190267 20352 / PT-UG-0365

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    This device is the perfect combination USB hub and a USB charging station.

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Offers features: 4x USB charging station, total 5V, 6A, 3x USB 2.0 Hub, 3x USB 2.0 Hub (sync) and 1 USB port for fast charging (device must support the OTG). Cradle is the perfect addition to your phone or tablet when it is charging, or used as a data transfer.


1 port USB charging station, total 5V, 6A
If you use only the power adapter, it becomes a 4x Porta charging station, with three rechargeable fashions

2. 3x USB 2.0 HUB
If you use the connection to the PC with a USB cable, it becomes a standard 3x USB 2.0 hub port for data transfer. Supporting a maximum speed of 480Mbps
(Dedicated USB port does not support data transfer)

3. 3x USB 2.0 Hub (sync) + 1 USB port for quick charge
If you use the connection to the PC and AC adapter, dedicated red USB port for charging and the remaining USB ports for data transfer and charging

4. OTG (device must support OTG function) OTG cable to connect the data or charging station, and subsequently operate the device as OTG HUB. You can also engage flash drive, mouse, keyboard.

Dimensions: length 110 mm - width 87 mm width - height 23.5mm

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