FineCall Wireless stylus and hand-held system - silver

    3700649101980 AAC-P02-S / PT-TG0038

    € 69.00 tax incl.

    € 57.02 tax excl.

    Listen to your music, receive your calls and use it to work on your phone or tablet. The multifunction system with a sleek design.

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FineCall is a stylus. That’s also a hand-held device, which makes it your best friend at work or when you are on the road. Work on your tablet, take calls, go back to your tablet within the blink of the eye.

FineCall is connected to your mobile wirelessly so you don’t need any cable to take calls or use your tablet more efficiently. You need an all in one pen for your tablet? We got you covered.

FineCall boasts a sleek and professional design, and comes in black or silver versions, to match the aesthetics of your tablet.

Because at the other end of line we only need to hear you and not everything around you, FineCall comes with a noise-reduction microphone. For a better phone call experience.

FineCall features a built-in speaker so that you can use it as a handset, or as a hands-free kit thanks to the earphones included.

FineCall features a speaker for hand held conversion. You need your hands free? We have been thinking about that too: FineCall comes with a pair of in-ear speakers to get the best of your music.

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